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Building Better Churches: Putting Parents at ease with church nursery pagers

July 15, 2011
LANDOVER, MD - Churches are provide members of the community with the opportunity to meditate on important issues in their life, share in fellowship and to learn together through sermons and worship. To create environments where this is truly possible takes time and effort. Our customer churches, in addition to high quality church signs, oftern make diverse investments to increase the comfort of families and parents in particular. Many churches help with this by having Sunday schools and nurseries on site. This helps alleviate any distractions caused by young children who can't sit through long services or crying babies in the sanctuary.

ParentPass church nursery pager by JTECH But once kids have been placed in Sunday school or in the nursery, that doesn't necessarily mean all disturbances are removed from the sanctuary. If something goes wrong in the nursery and the church needs to notify parents there are several ways to do this. Some churches will have messages displayed on flashing signs or even projector screens in larger churches. These are distracting at best and disruptive at worst--and there's also the possibility that the message is missed. It's also possible to have an usher move through the sanctuary looking for the concerned party but this too is disruptive and isn't a real option in larger churches.

Church paging transmitter by JTECH The best way to notify parents that they're needed in the nursery is with a specially designed paging system. If a parent is needed they'll instantly receive a silent page. When a parent has a nursery pager they'll be able to rest easy, knowing they can be easily reached.

If you're looking for a reliable church nursery paging system, JTECH communications inc. developed ParentPass Pagers. It's a great system designed to work for any sized church. They're easy to use and easy to integrate into an existing communications system.