Why School Signs for your Church or School?

SchoolSigns News: Why School Signs for your Church or School?

August 7, 2008
LANDOVER, MD - School signs are important not just to the immediate school populace, but rather for everyone tied to the school, that being kids, parents, siblings, neighbors, town fireman and officials, native artisans, local businesses, etc. For when the local high school is putting on a big play for the holidays, or is having an ambitious food drive for the local homeless population, we understand the power signs have to drawn in and connect more and more people around these activities, making them more and more successful as a result.

We think people tend to underestimate how much they rely on signs in their daily lives to guide them. But we at Kerley have a great appreciation for their role in society and are honored to continue ensuring they fulfill their function in the highest capacity possible every time.