School & Church Sign Companys in Charles County Maryland

School & Church Sign Companys in Charles County Maryland

As of 2007, Charles County had approximately 140,444 residents citizens within it's boundaries. Located in the Southern portion of Maryland, Charles County can be found within the the confines of the Washington Metropolitan Area. Being as how Charles County was founded in 1658, it has clearly had time to grow, and is home to a variety of historical attractions / landmarks. One such attraction can be seen when visiting the Thomas Stone National Historic Site, which, happens to be located within Charles County. During your visit to the park, you'll have the opportunity to visit Thomas Stone's actual house; an attraction which tourists from all over travel to visit.

One local attraction which has become increasingly popular can be found by visiting the Charles County Government Building Parking Lot every Wednesday and Saturday. Here you will have the opportunity to experience the La Plata Farmers Market & Craft Fair, home of some of the freshest produce around as well as some of the most unique art pieces currently available.

Also, besides attractions such as the farmers market, Charles County is located predominantly on the shore and is home to some of the most delicious seafood establishments in all of Maryland. As with much of Maryland, you do not want to miss the seafood found within Charles County. Seafood is not all they have to offer with Charles County. El Dorado, a restaurant located within the city La Plata, has come to earn the reputation for some of the finest Tex-Mex and Spanish Cuisine in the area. Some of their classics include swordfish steaks, skewered steaks, grilled shellfish, and even Castilian style roast lamb.

Charles County has everything from shopping, to fine food, and crafts. They are also home to the minor league baseball team known as the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. With one of the most loyal fan bases, visiting the Blue Crabs for an afternoon game and hot dog is a must do on everyone's visit list. Other sporting activities include over two hundred miles of biking trails, both wooded and paved. There are also a number of historical trails which can be traveled on. Some of these include the 55 mile naturally historic route as well as the John Wilkes Booth Escape Route, which is over 49 miles.

Regardless your interests, Charles County has it all!

Indian Head boundaries Charles
An overhead view of Indian Head, a peninsula found within the boundaries of Charles County, MD.